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The Seychelles Islands

Most of the information here comes from the Seychelles Tourism Board and they provide more in depth information here

There are two categories of islands: the granitic "Inner" islands that cluster around the principal islands of Mahe, Praslin and La Digue, whose verdant peaks climb skywards from virgin forests and immaculate beaches, and the "Outer" Islands: a sparkling array of flat, coralline islands extending westwards towards the coast of Africa.  The Amirantes Goup of Islands is the closest to Mahe and the one we visit most often for Fishing Trips.

Seychelles Map

Accommodation Afloat

A wide selection of specialised boats, both sail and power, will entice you to cruise the warm, azure waters of the most spectacular archipelago on earth and experience the breathtaking beauty of its romantic bays and deserted beaches.

The Seychelles fall outside of the Cyclone belt and offer a year-round sailing season, moderate swells and gentle tides, there is no better way to enjoy Seychelles than by cruising our pristine waters by catamaran.

Fishing in Seychelles

One major advantage of fishing in Seychelles is that there is no fishing licence require for recreational fishing.

We support catch and release and tag and release.  We can arrange to have tag kits on board.  Catch includes wahoo, sailfish, trefally, dorado, tuna, swordfish, amberjack, rainbow runner, blue, black and striped marlin.

Seychelles has also become an epicentre of salt water fly fishing on the flats of the Outer Islands for silver bonefish, giant trevally, triggerfish and more.

The closest fishing grounds are some 25 miles from the main island of Mahe with sharp drop off from 50m to 2000m.


Seychelles Information


Year round temperatures between 24 and 32 degrees celcius. Northwest trade winds (December - March) generally hot and humid. Southeast trade winds (May - September), drier and cooler.  Remaining months are generally calm and relatively windless.


Tap water on Mahe and Praslin otherwise bottled water is available extensively.  On the boats we have desalinators that turn sea water into fresh water.  This water is suitable for cooking, making ice and showering. It is also drinkable but may not be to everyone's palette. Even though we do make our own water, it is still considered a scarce resource and needs to be consumed sparingly.


On the boats we have a standard 220V system with either South African round three-pin or British square three-pin plugs. 


No visa requirements to enter Seychelles.  Documents required for immigration clearance are:

  • Valid Passport

  • Return or onward ticket

  • Proof of accommodation

  • Sufficient funds for the duration of your stay

Above documents will grant you a Visitor's Permit issued upon arrival.  The Visitor's Permit is valid for a maximum of one month.​


Visitors can exchange their home currency for Seychelles Rupees at any bank or bureaux de change.  You can check the current rate of exchange at 



Seychelles has three offical languages, English, French and Creole.


Seychelles is 4 hours ahead of GMT.


Mastercard and Visa are widely accepted in Seychelles.


The local currency is the Seychelles Rupee (Scr) made of of Notes: Scr25, Scr50, Scr100 and Scr500.  Coins range from Scr10 downwards.


Airtel, Cable & Wireless and IntelVision offer extensive mobile coverage across the inner islands and simcards can be bought and charged with airtime and data packages at most little shops on the islands


Seychelles Island Foundation

Island Development Company

Seychelles Tourism Board

Our preferred Taxi Service (Zayn)

Air Seychelles 

Inter Island Ferry Service

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