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You dream it ... we'll sail you there

All prices quoted: 

  • are in euro and are an indication only and are subject to change.

  • prices converted to SCR - Seychelles Rupees - on enquiry.

  • include local taxes but exclude fees applicable to island visiting fees or National Marine Park fees, or island excursions.

  • are for the yacht rental only which is crewed and provided with fuel at embarkation.

  • For liveaboard trips that exceed 2 nights rental, the client maybe requested to refuel and refill the yacht at the end of the cruise, depending on the final quotation. 

  • Exclude meals and refreshments which are calculated at an additional charge per person per trip, unless otherwise specified on your final quotation. 

  • Excludes alcohol /diving equipment and airport transfers which can be arranged at an additional charge and quoted on accordingly. 

For liveaboard cruises:

  • Linen and towels are provided.

  • Snorkelling gear is provided but guests are encouraged to bring their own equipment.

  • All yachts are equipped with a tender for shore trips.

  • All vessels are safety certified with our health and safety governing bodies. 

  • We do not offer bare-boat charters and all cruises have two crew on board minimum.

  • The skipper is the captain of the ship at all times

  • We have a strict no drug policy. 

For Day Trips:

  • All points as per liveaboard cruises apply.

  • Swimming towels are provided.

  • Guests to bring own snorkelling equipment. 

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