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5 Selfie Opportunities in Seychelles

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

Come sailing with us and get some awesome selfies to brag about

5 Selfie Opportunities not to be missed when you visit Seychelles.

If there is one thing that the age of smartphones and social media have given every one of us, it's the ability to brag shamelessly when we're on holiday. Selfies, beach-legs-brags, big-fish-catch and usies have taken over our newsfeed and with good reason: we love to travel and share our adventures with good reason: we love to travel and share our adventures with our friends and they love to follow those adventures. Here are some examples:

Jumping off the yacht in front of a tropical island

1. This is definitely an easy one to capture here in Seychelles. There are an abundance of beautiful tropical islands. Our challenge to you is: Capture a photo like this at each island you visit. Tag us on instagram in the photo #seychellesoceancharters

Just chilling with this gentle giant

2. Also an easy photo as these gentle giants can be found on Curieuse Island and La Digue. Picture courtesy of #thetravellingnomads. Don't forget to tag us in your special selfie #seychellesoceancharters

3. Bring along your floaty. You will have heaps of photo opportunities like this one. Photo courtesy of #iwishicouldfindthisoninstagramagain

Show us a pic of your favourite floaty #seychellesoceancharters

Eating a fresh coconut

4. There are coconuts all over the islands. We want to see how you enjoy them best. #seychellesoceancharters

Cycling on La Digue

5. Go to La Digue and spend the day cycling at a leisurely pace around the island. Don't forget to tag us #seychellesoceancharters

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